Lao Pottery House - the Lamphet Family

Our Family

We are Thieng and Keo Lamphet. With our two daughters we live in Ban Chan Nua, just 10 Minutes downstream from the UNESCO Heritage City of Luang Prabang. Ban Chan Nua has been a pottery village for over 400 years. Unfortunately, less and less families can keep the tradition of pottery alive today and many young people are leaving the village. With Lao Pottery House we want to contribute to the protection of the ancient craft while creating new jobs. We are passionate to teach youth from the village about pottery and to create job opportunities for young people who have been facing difficulties in their lives. We currently employ 3 full time and 3 part time pottery makers. For 4 years, we have been offering tours to our home to tourists from all over the world. It is our greatest joy to share this authentic experience with interested visitors – so please, join us and become part of our family too!

Meet two of our pottery makers


Mr. Ayi

«I love creating something beautiful with my own hands. Lao Pottery house has given me the opportunity to learn more about pottery, and to overcome my shyness. Before, I did not speak much, but now I feel more confident and like to show my skills to the tourists and help them make their own beautiful piece. I hope to learn more English in the coming years and would like to improve my skills – particularly, I‘d like to learn how to make really big pieces (like vases).»


Mr Phon

«I grew up in this village and it is my dream to help conserve the pottery traditions here in my home. As a teenager I used to be very lazy. Here at Lao Pottery House I have learned to work hard and it makes me happy. I love the various works that making pottery includes: working with the clay, drawing new designs and bringing them to life on the ceramics. The clay really calms me down, it is almost like meditation.  Next to that, I also like to help out in the kitchen when we have guests visiting.»